Memorandum of Understanding Between
The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and
The National Treasury Employees’ Union (Chapter 282)
Regarding Assignment of Space in the New College Park Facility

The goals of the space allocation guidelines are:
To allow a smooth transition for employees to the College Park facility,
To assign offices based upon function of the position,
To develop a fair procedure for assigning office space, and
To encourage joint and fruitful partnering activities between bargaining unit employees and management.
NTEU and CFSAN management, working in partnership have developed the following procedures to accomplish the goals outlined above.
  1. Office Assignments
    1. CFSAN management will give NTEU co-leads a copy of the final floor plans for the College Park facility – which includes both laboratory, laboratory office and regular office space –indicating the placement of each organizational unit.
    2. To ensure cooperation on every level, each Office will have an NTEU and a management representative to provide oversight for office space assignments. NTEU will assign an NTEU representative to each office.
    3. Each Office will be given floor plans and will identify specific space for divisions and branches within that Office.
    4. Management will make all office assignments for division directors and above by function. In addition, each Office Director may reserve up to two window or other offices to be assigned at his/her discretion.
    5. NTEU’s office at College Park will be a double module exterior office.
    6. All other employees (not covered in #4) will choose where they would like to be located within the available space designated for their function. In this MOU, function is defined as organizational unit.
    7. Federal service computation date (SCD) will be used to establish the order of selection of available space.
    8. Function will be the first determining factor considered in assignment of office space. Grade will not be a determining factor. In the case of a tie, SCD will be the tie-breaking factor. In the case of a further tie, HHS service computation date will be the determinant, followed by FDA service computation date.
    9. Administrative and support staff will be assigned space based on their function. If more than one option is available, choice will be based on SCD.

  2. Laboratory and Laboratory Office Assignments
    1. Laboratory supervisory employees will have individual offices.
    2. All other laboratory employees will share offices.
    3. Management may set-aside up to five laboratory offices for special mission-related needs. Management and NTEU will agree upon this prior to designation.
    4. Upon initial occupancy of the facility, some employees will not be obligated to double up. Due to planned growth, eventually all laboratory office space will be shared.
    5. Selection of laboratory office space will be by SCD. It is highly desirable that an employee’s laboratory office be near that employee’s workbench. Every consideration will be given to achieving this goal.
    6. When appropriate and indicated by function and/or research area, laboratory employees may select their laboratory bench workspace.
    7. Laboratory technicians, interns, and/or students will share the large offices identified on the floor plan at each end of the corridors. All permanent laboratory employees will have their own desks.
General Issues
  • A Center Council will be established to resolve space issues that cannot be resolved at the Office level.
  • The Center Council will be comprised of three members of NTEU and three members of CFSAN management. The Council will meet when there is an issue to resolve. Both sides will give consideration to meeting as soon as possible to resolve any outstanding issues.
  • An employee may appeal an assigned space to the Center Council. The burden of proof is on the appellant to provide compelling justification for any exception to the rules.
  • NTEU and CFSAN management will comply with all accommodation needs as ascertained by the EEO Office under the Americans with Disabilities Act and related laws and regulations.
  • NTEU and CFSAN have been and are committed to working together cooperatively at each step of this transition and thereafter.
13th day of March, 2001

Signature of CFSAN Official

Signatures of NTEU Representatives