Legislative Committee:
Chapter 282

NTEU National Headquarters Legislation Hotline: (202) 572-5631

The National Office of NTEU has a recorded message on the NTEU Legislation Hotline, 202-572-5631, that includes news on current NTEU legislative action and information on how chapter members can involve themselves in the legislative process. The hotline will highlight recent NTEU testimony at Congressional hearings, legislation of interest to NTEU that is likely to see action, and specific opportunities for NTEU members to contact their Congressional representatives. Chapter 282 encourages NTEU members to use the hotline and to take action on issues.

CAPWIZ link:
Capwiz•XC™ is a proprietary software that has been developed by the Capitol Advantage. Capwiz•XC is designed to help constituents identify and communicate with their legislators or committee members on important issues when it counts the most. It’s a fact that most lawmakers only read and respond to messages from their own constituents.

The NTEU Legislative Website at Capwiz.com can be accessed by linking to “http://capwiz.com/nteu/issues/”. However, you need to register first with the NTEU website in order to be able to use Capwiz. See instructions below.

Member Registration for NTEU's Web site:
If you are a dues paying member and you want to register to use the NTEU web site, please go to www.nteu.org. Click on “not registered yet?” Follow the instructions and create a user name and a password. You must provide your social security number, your NTEU Chapter Number, and ZIP code to verify your membership credentials as part of the registration process. Please note that if you have moved, NTEU may have an old zip code on file for you. Please enter that previous zip code for verification as the system will be trying to match your entry with it. After registration, you will use your User Name and Password to access member-only content. Your e-mail is optional, and will allow NTEU to send your password if you forget it.

NTEU Chapter 282 Standing Committee on Legislative Matters:
Anthony Lee, Chair
Sherunda Lister
Stefan Monica
Michael Theodorakis

NTEU Chapter 282 Legislative Reports

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