How to Join
NTEU Chapter 282

  1. Bargaining unit employees (BUEs) may join Chapter 282 by filling out the form 1187 below and sending it to Michael Theodorakis, tel. 301-796-1473.

    Standard Form No 1187, PDF/F

    You may send it by:

    1. Office Mail (yellow envelopes) to Michael Theodorakis HFD-2411, WO22, Rm 1460

    2. By fax to Michael Theodorakis, fax no 301-796-9877 (call before you fax it)

    3. By Post Office mail to Michael Theodorakis, FDA, HFD-2411, White Oak, Bldg 22 (WO22), Rm 1460, 10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993.

  2. NTEU Dues Chart
    For Chapter 282 FDA Headquarters and Baltimore District.

    NTEU Dues Chart - 2023