NTEU282 Equalizers
Opening Season

July 27, 2000
by Toy-Ping Taira

First NTEU Equalizer Game 5/18/00. Stefan Monica, Michael Adjohda, Toy-Ping Taira, Diane Moore, Matt Bacho, Walt Lipka, Dan Taufman, Leslie Dorsey, Mel Seidman, FeLisa Eba, Linda Alms, and two birthday girls as our cheerleaders.

The NTEU Softball team, the Equalizers, cheered today as the Umpire complemented them for improving 100% since the first game they played. It was against the PSC Sharks who tromped this newly organized team 30-10 the first game of the season. Actually, the Equalizers were proud of themselves for even making 10 runs against the best experienced team in the Parklawn R & W league. Today, the Equalizers proved that they could take a challenge and better themselves with final score of 21-18 with the Sharks winning again. No matter who won...it was a very close game, very evenly played and lots of fun. With Linda Alms and Stefan Monica doing a double play, Al Parker and Dan Taufman making unbelievable fantastic catches, Jenny Lee doing a splendid job as the team catcher covering home plate with Mel Seidman, one of the pitchers, who managed to coach others at the same time, Matt Bacho helping rookie Toy-Ping Taira in the outfield while he covered other positions, Walt Lipka coaching third base expertly, Jerry Yokoyama taking the infield lead from the outfield hits, and Michael Adjodha working the bases, the NTEU Equalizers were at last synchronized and playing like a seasoned team with heart. No wonder the Umpire himself felt proud of this team's performance.

Matt Bacho strolls in for an easy run as FeLisa Eba gets ready to bat Stephan Monica in.

Diane Moore coming in for a run with Mel Seidman.

Michael Adjodha pitches with Mel Seidmen, Philip Orticke and Stephan Monica.

Lisa Alms long striding to home plate with FeLisa Eba.