Dear NTEU Colleagues, 


At our Chapter's March 15, 2007 Executive Board meeting, we voted to approve a merger with Chapter 291, the FDA-Baltimore District.  Chapter 291 is relatively small.  It is concentrated in Baltimore with small satellite locations in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and West Virginia.  Your chapter leadership believes that merging with Chapter 291 will increase the union's leverage when negotiating with FDA.  In additional, the increased membership will effectively enhance our ability to achieve a better workplace environment for FDA employees. 


It is important for me as President of our chapter to hear any comments, concerns or questions you may have regarding this proposed merger.  In order to better assist you with obtaining information about Chapter 291, I am attaching a fact sheet containing  a chapter profile.  Please email your comments to me at


After I receive your comments, Chapter 282 will hold a Chapter meeting.  The purpose of this meeting will be to determine whether or not to merge with Chapter 291.  According to NTEU by-laws, if a simple majority of Chapter 282 members attending the meeting vote in favor of the merger, National President Colleen Kelley will act to redefine Chapter 282's jurisdiction to include the domain and the membership of current Chapter 291 within Chapter 282.  In other words, Chapter 291 would cease to exist and would become part of our Chapter 282.  (Chapter 291 will also hold  a similar vote.  Their leadership is in full support of this merger.)


The Executive Board has made every effort to conduct this important decision in a transparent manner.  I look forward to hearing your comments and/or questions regarding the proposed merger.  I would appreciate it if you would try to respond by April 24.


Let me thank members of the Executive Board for their time and efforts over many months to bring this matter to fruition.  Now the chapter leadership must hear from the membership. 


It is an honor to represent you.








Bernice Friedlander


NTEU Chapter 282

Chapter 291 Fact Sheet PDF file.