w GAO-08-1163R Report New Item Posted: 09 Sep 2008
  SUMMARY: Briefing on Observations on the Office of Management and Budgetís Report on the Human Resources Line of Business Initiative.
s GAO-08-1163R report PDF file
w NIH Request to Cut Funding for A-76 New Item Posted: 07 Apr 2008
  s NIH Letter to Congress PDF file
w Congressional Scrutiny of FDA Outsourcing Plans New Item Posted: 29 Aug 2007
  s NTEU Press Release PDF file
w Cancellation of the A-76 study in FDA/OITSS New Item Posted: 09 Feb 2007
  s Cancellation Notice
w Congressman Van Hollen: Statement on A-76 Amendment
to Protect Federal Employees New Item
Posted: 30 Jun 2005
  s Cong. Van Hollenís Statement PDF file
w Update: 19 Jun 03 Posted: 19 Jun 2003
  SUMMARY: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) recently released the revised Circular A-76. NTEU believes the revised Circular falls short of creating a level playing field in the competition for federal government jobs.
s Memorandum from National President
s Memorandum for President's Management Council PDF file - incl. side-by-side comparison.
w Update: 29 May 03 Posted: 11 Jun 2003
  OMB has revised Circular A-76 so that most FDA jobs may now be subjected to contracting out.
w Update: 29 Apr 03 Updated: 29 Apr 2003
  FDA employees win first round (FY2002) of A-76 competition at cost of downsizing and downgrading. 600 clerical positions to be competed in FY2004-FY2006.
w Background to A-76 Updated: 27 Jan 2003
  The present departmental goal is to have 50% of the (1400) FDA positions classified as commercial in nature competed by the end of FY 05.