Updated: 29 Apr 2003

Competition and selection in the first round (FY2002) of A-76 were completed on 28 Apr 03. The good news is that the following FDA services for the next five years will be provided by FDA employees:

  • TV Studio
  • Graphics
  • Library

The bad news is that the TV studio will be downsized from ten to seven FTEs; Graphics from 10.25 to 8.5 FTEs, and the Library from 40 to 26 FTEs; AND many of the positions will be downgraded.

Because there is an appeal and protest period, the above selections will not be final until after 27 May 03.

FDA is seeking early out authority and buy out authority for A-76 affected employees. Those employees remaining may stay in the affected organizations, but may have to take a down grade, or they may be subject to a directed reassignment to another position at their grade level.

The A-76 competition is not mandated in law, but is major part of President Bush’s Management Agenda. Bush seeks to make the government more efficient by subjecting it to purely economic competitive discipline. In short, extracting maximal work at a minimal wage.

Currently (FY2003) the following activities are being competed: Facilities Management, Accounting and Laboratory Technicians. In FY 2004, 2005, and 2006, some 600 clerical positions (General secretary, mail, office automation, clerks) will be competed. It appears the series are: 303, 305, 318, and 326?

Comment: The union agrees that government should be competitive and efficient. Competitiveness and efficiency should be demonstrated and there is no evaluation system now in place to assess competitiveness and efficiency. The union does not believe that efficiency should be solely measured in dollars. Job equity and comparable worth should also be considered. The union supports equal pay for equal work for example. Finally a dollar approach excludes from consideration that the choice of one’s vocation is a deeply personal matter and that many employees identify themselves to a large extent with their job.