Chapter 282 NTEU Election Results -- October 19, 2004


Officers have been elected by secret ballot for the term of office from October 20, 2004 to September 30, 2007.


The following are the results of the Chapter 282 NTEU Elections contested offices.

Names in  Bold Typeface are the winner/s.



                   Bernice Friedlander         160

                                   Bob Young           98


Executive Vice President


                   Richard (“Dick”) Arkin            53

                             Toy -Ping Taira           76

             Michael C. Theodorakis          125


CFSAN Vice Presidents  ( 3 Elected)


                        Paul DeLeo      171

                     Lulu Mae Gray    173

                     Sukadev Lavu     155

             Kenneth M. P. Taylor      53



Uncontested Offices --   Winners were declared on September 15, 2004


The following individual/s listed after each office below have been duly nominated and has/have) filed an agreement to run for office form. Their election is uncontested and they are declared elected to the office for which they have agreed to run. 

Secretary/ VP for Correspondence and Records -- Cathy Hobbs

Treasurer/ VP for Finance -- Kathleen Cheeseman

Vice Presidents-at-Large 
(2 elected) 1 vacancy remains unfilled


Harriet R. Gerber
Philip Orticke

CBER Vice Presidents (3 elected)

Charles Lucey
Stefan F. Monica
Hank Pan

CDER Vice Presidents (4 elected)

Maddy Carolan
John O'Malley
Lynette Swartz
Valerie L. Whipp

CDRH Vice Presidents (3 elected)

Frank Lacy
Nancy Leonard

Rita Rubendall

OC Vice President --   Fredda Shere-Valenti

ORA Vice President  --  Marsha Hayden

No nominee agreed to run for the following office:

CVM Vice President


Vacancies, if filled, are filled by action of the Executive Board of Chapter 282.  All the elected officers of Chapter 282 constitute the Executive Board.


Respectfully submitted.


Chapter 282 Nominations and Elections Committee.



                                      Dennis Broud, CoChairman

                                      Doug Chadwick, CoChairman

                                      Michael Prival, Member

                                      David Davis, Member